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What would you Experience?

An extended weekend full of inspiring dance workshops at the URH Hotel Ciutat de Mataró, parties, excursions, and lots of fun around the city of Mataró-Barcelona. And of course, there is nothing better than ending your Cuban Dance Festival with a hell of a Beach Party! A holiday full of Dance and Sunshine by the Mediterranean Sea! Come and be part of la Fiesta. Fiesta de la buena!


4-days access to fun parties, 3 days of dance workshops at the URH Ciutat de Mataró, free entree to the night clubs, and a cozy beach party. This will all happen from July 8th -11th, 2021.


All of our venues are within a walking distance to the city center and the beach of Mataró. As an option you can easily tour this likable city with conventional bikes, or e-bikes.


Join us at night, as we take the party out to the cozy bars characteristic of the Mediterranean beach (Chiringuitos); or to the popular social dance clubs: La Clave and Salsa Republic.

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About Cuba Baila en Barcelona

Cuba Baila en Barcelona (CBB) aims to be an international dance festival whose main goal is to gather dancers from all around the world, and instructors, all sharing the same passion for music and dance. The festival boasts well known experienced and international recognized teachers graduated from the Cuban National School of Art ENA , as well as some of the principal teachers from La Casona del Son, one of the most popular Dance Schools in Havana-Cuba.
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Venues and Locations

All our accomodations are located within walking distance to the city center, and the beach of Mataró. The city of Mataró in the province of Barcelona is just 30 minutes away from the cosmopolitan Barcelona city. Mataró-Barcelona is lying between the sea, and the Serralada Litoral Mountains. You will enjoy a gastronomic offer with local products in this city. With its Barrio L'Havana, the traditional El Rengel, its Basílica de Santa María de Mataró, and the Plaza de Cuba, this hidden gem feels like a piece of Cuba located by La Costa del Maresme.
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Get ready for more fun!

As a bonus to your experience with this dance holiday, we have chosen extra fun activities you can be part of during your stay in Mataró-Barcelona. We recommend you book it before these are getting sold out as soon as we open for booking.

Meet the Artists Invited to your Festival

Come and meet this amazing dance troop, an army of fun, the multitasking squad, the committed orchestra. Our champions, the ones who will teach you all about music, accurateness, and elegance. The Latino-funky attitude and more! Be a part of this fiesta. Fiesta y de la buena!

And more to be confirmed…

Frequent Ask Questions

+ - When will Cuba Baila en Barcelona take place?

Because of the Corona Virus, we have decided to postpone our event to next year. The Cuban Dance Festival in Mataró-Barcelona will take place on July 8th-11th, 2021. The principal Venue for workshops will be at the URH Hotel Ciutat de Mataró

+ - What should I expect from CBB?


-Tailor-made dance workshops

-Top DJ

-Inspiring dance teachers 

Entertaining Salsa Catamaran Trip

-Fun indoor’s, and outdoor’s parties

-Top animations and shows 

-Mediterranean cozy locations

-Relaxing local environment

-Possibility to do sea sport-activities

-Mingling, dancing, getting to know new people and more!

+ - How can I get from Barcelona Airport to Mataró?

Public Transportation:

Please click on the links bellow



Private Transportation:

Check out this link: Click here

NOTE: Cuban Dance Festival in Barcelona it is not getting any benefit by recommending this service. We are just providing the best possible service we think you deserved 🙂

+ - Are there Dance Courses for beginners?

Yes, there are! Please join us! We have made a program that meets all levels: beginners, intermediate, and advanced. Every day you will be able to find suitable workshops for beginners dancers as well. And we are not talking just about Salsa, but also Son, Bachata, and other dance rhythms. 

Please do not hesitate, just get on the boat!

+ - Can I refund my ticket?

Tickets are non refundable, but you can definitely transfer yours to another attendee.

+ - Where does the Festival will take Place?

The Festival will take place in Mataró, Barcelona province. Just 30 minutes away from the cosmopolitan Barcelona city. The principal Venue for workshops will be at the URH Hotel Ciutat de Mataró,

+ - When does the final workshop schedule will be released?

The final schedule will be released at latest one week before the festival.

Sponsors and Partners

Together we make it happen!

La Perla Experience

La Perla Experience specializes in the organization of events as well as planning of dance holidays to Cuba and Spain. Our Dance Studio, which is also part of our quarry of services, is located in Køge, Denmark.

La Casona del Son

If you are in the heart of Havana (downtown) do not miss the opportunity to come by La Casona del Son, a unique space where you, visitors, will have the chance to learn, enjoy, and improve your dance skills. Join us!

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