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We look forward dancing with you!


Yanet C茅spedes

Bookings, Marketing, PR & Communication, and also Events Designer. Yanet will do her almost for making this festival a wonderful experience for you since the very beginning. She is also graduated from the National School of Art in Havana, Cuba, and Owner of La Perla Experience.


Ad谩n Pag茅s

Responsible of logistics, and budgeting. In charge of killing the headache cause by working out the boring numbers. Engineering new ideas. Co-pilot of this fun, crazy and unique ship. Co-owner of La Perla Experience.聽


Silvia Canals

Sales and Event Coordinator. Owner of La Casona Del Son, in Havana, Cuba. Silvia will keep you updated in the social networks, and will work hand by hand with the artists invited to your festival. In charge of executing the festival’s program. Silvia will always try to make the impossible, possible!

Our Story

The Cuban Dance Festival came out with the idea of unifying people from all over the world having the same passion for the Cuban culture and its roots.

Previously, had La Perla Experience travelled to Barcelona for a Summer Dance School. This was successfully tailored for small groups. Now partnering up with La Casona del Son, the idea is growing bigger together, and bringing new, and energetic teachers to the program for dancers at all levels. We aim to create a much nicer, and unforgettable experience for you!


The Cuban Dance Festival in Barcelona is fueled by the Cuban and Spanish roots. Two cultures on fire! The goal is to promote Cuban culture by creating an academic space where people come and learn, but also have FUN.

The team is also part of us, our dance warriors, the Funny Troop! Without these great instructors, we cannot make it. 鈥淲e make it happen together!鈥

What to expect?

Come and join la fiesta. Fiesta de la buena!

At the CBB you can expect:聽


-Tailor-made dance workshops

-Top DJ

-Inspiring dance teachers

-Entertaining Salsa Catamaran Trip

-Fun indoor鈥檚, and outdoor鈥檚 parties

-Top animations and shows

-Mediterranean cozy locations

-Relaxing local environment

-Possibility to do sea sport-activities

-Mingling, dancing, getting to know new people and more!

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